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PostSubject: DEATH KNIGHT HAS BEEN FINALLY INTRODUCED   Thu May 22, 2008 5:17 am

For those who do know, the Death Knight is Blizzard's new "Hero Class", meaning that once certain criteria are met, the play will be allowed to create a Death Knight. Some of you may remember Death Knights from WCIII and Frozen Throne.

The only requirement is to possess a character of at least level 55. Now that means 55+, not exact. Other people within WoW will try and tell you that the character has to be level 55 on the dot and turns into the Death Knight. This is not the case as Blizzard already said that they were not going to have a "toon" (WoW slang for a PC; also RPG slang for Player Character i.e. you) become one so that players would lose a high level mage etc. The Death Knight will start of at level 55 in most likely the Plaguelands since that's where the Scourge is. The starting quests for the Death Knight will be quests helping you learn all the moves since with a toon starting at level 1 you are slowly introduced to the character's abilities as he/she progresses. PvP servers (that's you, nobhdy) are not allowed to make their DK's on the opposing factions (a Horde player can't make it Alliance, again you, nobhdy). On other servers players are welcome to make them of any race, this is still the case for PvP save for the opposing faction bit.

Credit for this information goes as follows: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wrath/features/deathknight/gameplay.xml.

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